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VPV in Homes: I congratulate all of you all for having organized well the VPV for our catechism children with the help of Diocesan Narcheithi Nilayam from 25 April to 10 May 2020. I saw the many photos and videos which were prepared by children. I could see the talents, creativity and innovations of our children intheirdramas, tableaus, etc. based on biblical themes. The wholehearted involvement of parents wasalso seen. Theparents encouraged their children bygiving them sufficient practice,helping them with artistic arrangements, giving them make-ups, etc. I congratulate and thankyou, dear Fathers, Sisters, Sunday School Headmasters and teachers, for your kind cooperation. We are all grateful to Rev. Fr Prince Maliyil, Director of Catechism Department, for the commendable job in preparing the tasks through meticulous planning with the team of priests and teachers for the smooth conduct of the VPV- COVID WITH JESUS programme for the children.

Thursday June 30,2022

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